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3 Breast Fat Transfer Facts You Should Know

Breast fat transfer refers to the technique of removing undesired fat from one area of the body (through liposuction) and transferring it to the breasts, thus making them fuller and plumper.

Many women who want breast augmentation choose this approach since it offers many distinct advantages. We’ll go through these advantages in more detail below, as well as address some frequently asked concerns about the operation.

Breast Fat Transfer Facts You Should Know

Most people associate breast augmentation with silicone breast implants, which may be put into each breast and used to boost volume and contour.

Unfortunately, many patients are unaware of a different technique of breast augmentation known as breast fat transfer. Similarly, they are ignorant of the many advantages that this process has to offer.

Here Are 3 Things to Be Aware Of

1. It Corrects Subtle Abnormalities While Causing Less Severe Overall Alterations In Breast Size.

First, Fat Transfer to Breasts is appropriate for patients who merely wish to modify the size or contour of their breasts somewhat. For example, if they believe there is an asymmetry between the right and left breasts, breast fat transfer is frequently the best way to correct this. Alternatively, unlike standard augmentation, this treatment allows for more delicate modifications. A tiny quantity of fat, for example, may be placed over the nipple or in another precise location where extra volume would improve the look.

2. It Eliminates Extra Body Fat

Next, breast fat transfer is an excellent option for individuals who want to improve the volume of their breasts while simultaneously lowering body fat in other areas. It is worth noting that a lower quantity of fat is typically removed during breast fat transfer than would be removed during a regular liposuction operation. However, for many patients who want to modify the overall appearance of their silhouette, the overall impact may still be beneficial.

3. It Is the Perfect Natural Remedy

Finally, many patients believe that breast fat transfer is a more natural way to get larger, fuller breasts. Instead of inserting a foreign item into the breast, their own body fat is simply shifted from one place to another. In this manner, not only is the material utilized less intrusive, but it also delivers the natural appearance that virtually all breast augmentation patients prefer.

Is Fat Transfer Permanent?

Yes. When done appropriately, the utilization of body fat as a breast augmentation material is very effective and long-lasting. Another advantage of breast fat transfer. Many surgeons believe the surgery is permanent.

This is due to the biological nature of the fat being utilized. It must create its own blood supply in order to live in the injection location (the breasts). To be sure, this does not always occur. Sometimes 30% to 50% of the fat injected does not survive. However, your surgeon will have planned for this by slightly overshooting the quantity of fat inserted and (in certain situations) doing the treatment in phases.

What Is The Amount Of Fat Used In Breast Fat Transfer?

Typically, just a few hundred milliliters of fat are placed into the breasts to alter the overall shape and cup size. This will always be determined by the alterations that the patient wants to see in the ultimate outcomes of their surgery.

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