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From Freelancer to Enterprise: Scaling your Business with Managed Office space


A coworking space is a place where individuals from various companies come together to work in a shared workspace. The coworking Office spaces are very helpful for new employees, as they can interact with experts and receive guidance for their career growth. 

Managed Offices

Managed offices offer a fully equipped workspace with amenities such as high-speed internet, furniture, and maintenance services. These offices provide a convenient ready-to-use environment and allow you to tailor the welcome area, reception, and meeting rooms to your needs.

Coworking spaces and Managed Office spaces in Hyderabad offer distinct advantages based on the occupant’s needs and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of their key features and benefits in the context of India:

Major differences between Coworking spaces and Managed Offices

  • Layout and design
  • Customization
  • Setup and Upfront Costs
  • Privacy
  • Community and Networking
  • Amenities and Services
  • Location
  • Flexibility

Layout and design

Coworking spaces are designed to allow individuals from different companies to share amenities such as meeting rooms and halls. The design mainly focuses on attracting people by providing a variety of amenities that meet the needs of multiple companies.

Shared offices are more conceptualized when compared to shared offices. These spaces are hired by certain companies. The meeting halls and rooms are designed according to the requirements of the company that hired that space.


Coworking spaces typically have a fixed layout that may not necessarily suit the preferences of all companies using the space.  These coworking spaces have come with pre-build amenities that can be modified according to individual needs

Shared offices are empty spaces that can be customized and redesigned  These spaces are best suitable for companies that can work in the same space for a few months.

Setup and Upfront Costs

The upfront costs of the managed offices are higher when compared to the coworking spaces This is because coworking spaces come with pre-built amenities, whereas managed offices are customized based on the client’s requirements.  managed offices require a security deposit equivalent to six months’ rent.


In coworking spaces, different professionals from different companies to work in the same premises.. Because everyone shares the same space, privacy may be limited and there may be unnecessary noise from the surroundings. On the other hand,  shared offices are enclosed spaces that provide more privacy and confidentiality, as there is no noise from the surroundings. 

Community and Networking

Coworking spaces and managed spaces offer networking opportunities through events, but coworking spaces prioritize collaboration among different experts.

Amenities and Services

Coworking spaces offer many amenities like high-speed Internet, printing facilities, and services like mail handling. Managed offices also provide similar amenities and services but the level of services can vary according to the client.


Coworking spaces can be found in the prime areas of the cities, offering convenience and accessibility. 

On the other hand, managed offices are also situated in prime locations but offer more options in terms of specific locations within a building or complex. These are essentially business centers equipped with office facilities and services.


Coworking spaces provide flexibility for professionals to interact with experts from different companies, enabling them to share knowledge and collaborate. These spaces are occupied by individuals and groups who can benefit from the collective knowledge available. In contrast, specific companies that occupy managed offices have the flexibility to design, size, and layout their office according to their requirements.

Coworking spaces and Managed spaces offer different levels of flexibility, amenities, and services. Both of them have their advantages they can be chosen based on the preferences of the occupant. Check out iKeva coworking spaces to get the best service you will ever get.

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