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Can You Mix Pine Sol and Bleach

Two of the most popular cleaning agents found in most houses are bleach and pine sol. It’s tempting to mix them together to create a more potent cleaning solution. 

Is this safe to mix? Can you mix Pine Sol and bleach? 

Can You Mix Pine Sol and Bleach Together?

If you’re wondering “Can you mix pine sol and bleach”, the answer is NO! 

Pine-Sol and bleach must never be combined because of the extreme danger involved. It will be physically painful and may be harmful if you try to do that.

Some researchers believe that glycolic acid, which is produced when chlorine bleach and acid are combined, is the dangerous ingredient in Pine-Sol.

Why You Should Not Mix Pine Sol and Bleach Together?

Mixing pine sol and bleach can cause a harmful and poisonous effect! 

Chlorine gas irritates your mucous membranes (nose and mouth) and causes your eyes to burn and water in low concentrations. You’ll probably feel queasy or dizzy.

Worse yet, exposure to higher chlorine gas concentrations may result in vomiting, fluid in the lungs, breathing difficulties, chest pain, and lung pain. 

What to Do if You Already Mixed Pine-Sol and Bleach?

Here are some measures you can follow if you already mixed pine sol and bleach together:

1. Take every precaution to avoid accidentally combining Pine-Sol with bleach.

2. Clean an area with a different cleaner only after the previous one has completely dried, and store the cleaners separately.

3. Before disposing of the chemicals, it’s important to use the proper safety equipment. Goggles, masks, and long sleeves are good if you have them, but gloves are absolutely necessary.

4. To ensure that no bleach or Pine-Sol remnant is left behind after using the bleach or Pine-Sol, you can wash the area with plain water. 

5. Open windows put on fans, and get some fresh air if you think you may have accidentally mixed bleach and Pine-Sol, especially if you feel dizzy or your eyes and lungs are burning.

6. Mask your nose and mouth, and after letting the air wash through the area for a while, return briefly to thoroughly wipe the damaged surfaces with cool or warm water.

7. And most importantly, any mixtures of cleaning agents, even little amounts, should be kept away from children and pets.  Toxic gases might be extremely dangerous to children and pets.

Not only you should NEVER mix Pine Sol and Bleach together, but you also shouldn’t mix bleach or Pine-Sol with any cleaning product! It’s so dangerous to do so.

Both of these products are strong enough to clean and disinfect with water alone, but the effects can be HAZARDOUS. 

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