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Pilates : Benefits and use of Reformer Pilates

Pilates, a popular type of workout in recent times, has two basic forms. Pilates exercises can mat-base, where body weight is use as resistance against gravity, and the main aim is to tone and strengthen deeper and supporting muscles. In equipment-base Pilates, specific equipment is used to offer muscle resistance. Some Pilates use weights to offer resistance to the muscles and help improve overall balance, coordination, and body posture by muscle strengthening.  and is used for rehab exercises.  

What is a Pilates Reformer? 

The Reformer Pilates is the most popular Pilates equipment, and there are enough reasons for it. The Reformer is a bed-like frame having a flat platform that can roll back and forth on wheels present within the frame. The flat platform or the carriage is attach to one end of the Pilates reformer with a set of springs. The springs are use to provide resistance to the muscles. Most Pilates reformers have up to 5 springs used to offer a different level of resistance as required for a person. Depending on the exercises assigne and the target muscles, a single or combination of springs is issued. A reformer Pilates can have a wooden or steel frame. Some reformers have raised platforms while others have platforms at ground level.  

Reformer Pilates is performed using the Pilates reforming machine and is more powerful than Pilates on a mat since it uses the wings that are part of the machine to resist Pilates exercises. It is a traditional piece of pilates equipment that really enhances your fitness quotient and also gives you much flexibility. This can help you to train the muscles in a variety of movements. Reformer pilates are very effective when you want to build and strengthen the muscles, but also for increasing joint stability.

Important Reformer Pilates buying tips 

Buying a Reformer Pilates can be difficult for you as several reformer manufacturers in the market offer a wide array of reformers with different styles and price ranges. Go through these tips to choose the most suitable Reformer. 

  1. Assess your requirements- You should buy a reformer that best suits your exercise goals. Buy a reformer according to your body size, height, and physical capabilities. Different reformers have different sizes and heights.
  2. Buy from a good store- Reformer Pilates from reputable manufacturers has almost similar prices. Along with the price, you should also consider the after-sales service of that manufacturer. You should go through the websites or check other online platforms to find out about the customer service of a particular reformer manufacturer.
  3. Invest as per need– Pilates are person-specific. Your instructor is the best person to recommend the right kind of Reformer for your exercise regime. Never invest in a reformer without joining a Pilates class. 
  4. Join classes- You should also take a few private classes to learn the principles behind Pirates well and achieve your personal fitness goals in a better way. 

With reformers, muscles can work in different ways, such as isometric (controlling muscle), concentric (muscle contraction), and eccentric (lengthening of muscles). 

The Reformer is a versatile piece of equipment. It helps you do endless strength exercises as you can have multiple props and attachments such as poles, jump boards, and plank bars. 

So, here are the top reasons why reformer pilatesare more popular these days. It helps to bring a wide range of benefits that can actually help you to lead a more healthy and fit life. You can now go through some of the most reliable online portals and get an idea about what to choose for reformer pilates. Check the padded, adjustable headrests, folds, wheels and clips to understand how you can benefit from the process.

How Reformer Pilates benefits your workouts 

A reformer of Pilates benefits your workouts in various ways.  

  • Strengthens the entire body: The main aim of Pilates is core strength. Using a reformer makes it easier to strengthen the whole body. With this equipment, you can do kickbacks and shoulder raises to strengthen your shoulder and back muscles. 
  • Resistance control: A reformer has many springs for resistance. With a reformer, it can offer different resistance levels to the body muscles by attaching and detaching the right spring. 


A reformer Pilates can be an efficient tool for workouts that aim at strengthening and toning different body muscles. Like other fitness exercises and equipment, you should use the Reformer under the guidance of a trained and certified instructor.  

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