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Creating a Great Logo for Your Beauty Salon

Whether you’re just starting a new beauty salon or have been in business for many years, a good logo is always relevant. An outdated logo can negatively affect your brand awareness and, consequently, your profit. A stylish and successful logo can significantly increase the memorability of your advertising materials, bringing more customers to your salon.

Here are some rules to follow when creating a logo for your beauty salon:

  • The logo should be simple, easy to remember, and emphasize your salon’s individuality. It should echo with the name of the salon and be readable in black and white, with as few small details as possible.
  • Take into account the characteristics of your target audience and make sure your logo looks good in both large and small format.
  • Don’t get too hung up on following fashion trends. Try to create a stylish and timeless logo that will work for many years.

When it comes to the color scheme, current trends play a minimal role. Each color evokes certain associations and habits, which means that some shades are more appropriate than others. Monochrome, complementary colors, triads and quadriads around the Oswald circle, as well as black and white duets, where black becomes the background for white text/sign (or vice versa), are always safe choices.

Font is a crucial element of any logo. If you’re running a high-status beauty salon that exclusively uses luxury professional cosmetics, we recommend using a unique font that corresponds to your salon’s general concept. Don’t forget that the font from the logo will spread to all areas of your salon, from large banners on the website to business cards and prints on hairdressing negligees.

Icons rarely become independent logos in the beauty industry. Instead, they play a complementary role. Here are some possible ways to use them:

  • Themed signs, such as scissors, a comb, a hair dryer, a pictogram of a beard or a woman’s hairstyle, are a great way to indicate the services provided by your salon.
  • When an animal appears in the name of your salon, it can make sense to include a schematic image of this animal in the logo.
  • The logo can graphically play out the first letter (or letters) of the name of your salon.
  • Geometric shapes, floral patterns, vignettes, or colored background dies are also acceptable.

To conclude, the logo of your beauty salon can determine the direction of your business. To create a personal brand style and logo, you can use a logo generator such as Turbologo. With this online tool, you can create your unique and unusual logo easily and quickly. Keep in mind that your logo not only symbolizes your services but also forms customers’ opinion about the quality of your salon.

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