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Three Foolproof Tips to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

Behind every well-maintained home, there is a smart homeowner who cares about it. Your home deserves the best care because it offers so much. It provides comfort, privacy, and security to its residents. Homes need the attention of their owners to continue this good work.

There are so many factors that can affect the strength and longevity of your home. Some of these factors are preventable, and others do not show until it’s too late. However, there is one preventable kind of damage that can threaten the health of your home.

Water damage is known to be one of the biggest culprits for property-related loss. It may start showing signs such as brown or green spots and can lead to blasted pipes and collapsed roofs. However, if you take timely action, you can prevent many losses.

If you want to ensure the safety of your home against water damage, here are a few essential tips that can help you.

1. Keep an Eye on the Trees

Every smart homeowner knows that backyards add to the curb appeal of their home and create a beautiful landscape. No backyard is complete without beautiful and shady trees. They can create an ideal mood to assemble and hammock and read a book on it. 

Yes, trees are always good for the environment, but it’s not always the case for your home. In some cases, tree removal becomes necessary as it can pose damage to your property. Timely action can save lives and money.

Some trees have invasive roots that can damage the foundation of your home and damage your water pipes. You may not notice the trouble immediately. However, over time, the water damage can start showing in your home’s walls and foundation.

2. Inspect your Roof Regularly

The roof protects you against various weather circumstances and provides you with privacy. The roofs of every home get neglected quite often. However, when you overlook your roof for a long time, its health can start getting compromised. 

The roof is one of the essential parts of your home. So, you may want to pay attention to it. The first thing you can do is a physical inspection. Look for any green or brown spots indicating the presence of algae and moss on your roof.

These spots can look harmless, but over time, they can damage your home. Therefore, timely actions are needed. You can use a mixture of water and bleach to get rid of ugly growths and prevent them from remerging.

3. Disconnect the Hose

Every garden and backyard has at least one faucet with an attached hose. The hoses cannot harm your home through summer. However, in winter, the standing water can turn into ice. In such cases, ice blocks are unpreventable.

Over time, the expansion caused by water turning into ice can burst your pipes and cause damage to your walls and floor. It will not only damage your home, but you will also have to face heavy plumbing and repair costs.

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