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Five ways to finance your wedding

Getting married is a significant event. Your wedding is one of those special occasions that you will both remember for the rest of your lives. Booking a venue, agonizing over the guest list, selecting food and transportation, wondering how much Uncle Kevin will drink in an evening, and deciding if you should book two photographers in case one does not show up are all time-consuming tasks.

Here are some suggestions for better money management during your wedding planning.

  1. A personal wedding loan

Some couples may consider taking out a personal loan to supplement their wedding budget. It can alleviate the awkwardness of asking for money from friends or family. It can also be a good idea if you want to have your wedding quickly and don’t have enough time to save up. If you need some money for your wedding fast but have a bad credit score, apply for a bad credit loan. In fact, you can get up to $3000 within 24 hours, with no credit check needed.

  1. Save up for and pay for your own wedding

For many couples, this is the only way to make their dream wedding a reality. Often, you plan your wedding day several months in advance, so it’s simple to set aside a little money each month for a year, or pay for items monthly to spread the overall cost. You may also have savings or a small amount of money from family to help with wedding expenses.

  1. Requesting assistance with your wedding expenses

There is nothing wrong with seeking assistance! Your friends and family will recognize that a wedding is a significant financial outlay and may be willing to assist. Perhaps a parent can contribute to specific wedding expenses, or you have friends or family with connections who can assist you in locating discounted products or services. Consider who in your network is a cake decorator, photographer, florist, dressmaker, and so on.

Be aware that asking for help may come with strings attached. The family member who assists will almost certainly expect an invitation. Or, the parent who has offered to pay for the food may want to invite their friends to celebrate your special day.

  1. Using your credit card to pay for your wedding

If you already have a credit card, this could be a simple finance option because you can take advantage of the interest-free days on your credit card. You’ll want to make sure you can pay off your credit card each month without incurring interest charges, and any frequent flyer points or cash back you earn can go towards your dream honeymoon.

Remember that not all of your suppliers accept credit cards, and some may charge you extra fees if you use your credit card to make payments. Credit card interest rates are frequently higher than those of personal loans.

  1. Consider starting a side business

Consider ways you and your partner could earn extra money to put towards your wedding. A second job between now and the wedding can make a significant difference, or perhaps it’s time for a big clear out and some Trade Me sales. Some couples rent out their home on Airbnb while they live with their parents or friends, drive an Uber for a few months, or use their skills to create items to sell.

Whatever sacrifices you make now will help you achieve the day you’ve always desired. Most people hope to marry only once, so it’s worth making your wedding day unique and personal to you both as a couple.

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