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A Beginner’s Guide: Understanding Living Soil and Its Benefits to Cannabis Graining

The term could be associated with sustainable agriculture and even organic cannabis. Although it is relatively new, the idea of cultivating marijuana this way has been around for many years.

Things changed when indoor growing, synthetic mediums like hydroponics or aeroponics were more in demand.

Most commercial growers nowadays don’t grow cannabis on living soil. But those who know their marijuana–the pundits & connoisseurs. The meticulous cultivators.

There is a good reason. Let’s get started by defining what living soil means.

What Is Living Silver?

The soil is very plain to the naked observer. We see soil growing plants, animals, or people. But it is what grows in it.

Under the microscope, soil shows a rich ecosystem that’s alive with life. These microorganisms produce nutrients and organic matter for plants. This symbiotic relationship of plants and microbes creates soil that is more than an inert medium. It is a living ecosystem.

All Soil Alive?

Yes, all soils are alive to a degree. It can decline for a number of reasons, one being human activity.

Intensive farming practices, overgrazing, and deforestation may strip the soil. Bare soil can’t retain moisture. Plants and microorganisms are unable to survive without moisture. Bare soil also makes it more prone to erosion. That means any nutrients it might contain can be easily washed away.

Too many chemicals can also kill the soil. It’s important to remember that the soil it comes from may not be the best for cannabis plants.

It doesn’t matter if cannabis is called weed. Cannabis will grow in many types of soil. But to get the most potent bud and the biggest crops, you want to give your crop the right amount of water, the best soil for cannabis, and the best cannabis nutrients for soil conditions. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to grow some cannabis for your personal use or if your company grows commercial cannabis. Your plants will appreciate your hard work and your investment in the soil.

Is It Possible To Grow Cannabis In Commercial Dirt?

Many commercial soils have enough nutrients to support the growth of cannabis for three-to-four weeks. It will most likely be depleted when your cannabis plant blooms.

Remember that soil, like other living things, is moving, changing, and growing. It requires water and nutrients to keep it alive and support plant growth. This can only be done if microbes are in the soil.

The Benefits Important To Growing Cannabis in Living Soil

  • Living soil has a lot of diversity, making it a great way to grow cannabis. Living soil is a better option than other soils because it offers more variety.
  • Living soil features a structure that supports root development
  • The beauty and appeal of any plant, even cannabis, start at its roots. It is essential to their growth, blooming, and yield.
  • The roots are there to provide nutrients and water for the plant. The roots will have trouble getting to the soil, especially if it is dense like clay and loam.
  • This means the plant won’t grow enough roots to support its growth. The result? A less productive plant and a lower yield.
  • Living soil is the opposite. It has a naturally loose structure, making roots and water easy to get through. It is important to encourage the growth of strong roots because they get enough oxygen.

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