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How Much Change Is To Be Expected From Accent Reduction Training?

Assume you’re willing to put in the time to practice. Assume you have access to high-quality English pronunciation and accent instruction.

We propose 15 minutes of daily practice utilizing our listen and repeat audio files and 1 hour of video training each week as a starting point.

Students in our courses view the video to understand exactly what needs to be changed and how to fix it, and then they do guide practice using our videos. They then utilize the audio files to practice, improve their skills, and master their new sounds.

Most people will be able to make very noticeable changes in their speech and pronunciation if they put in at least 15 minutes of practice per day, have a clear understanding of what and how they need to change and have good awareness and listening skills (a quality course will provide you with all of this knowledge and skills).

We observe two categories of customers:

1. People Who Desire To Be Understood More Readily When Speaking English

How much progress might persons with poor English expect?

People who begin training with slurred English should expect significant improvements in their voice clarity and pronunciation.

They may expect to progress from ambiguous English to clear English with great teaching. Other people will notice changes, and your confidence in speaking English will skyrocket.

2. People Who Are Already Fluent And Wish To Sound More Native

Changes to speech are more modest for persons who are already clear and desire to sound more like native speakers.

This implies that the alterations are less visible to others. People may detect a broad shift in someone’s voice and say things like “Gee, you sound quite local these days.” Alternatively, people may realize that they are easier to understand on the phone or in noisy environments, while previously they would have needed to focus to comprehend their English.

People at this level are frequently considerably more confident as they progress through training since they understand what they are striving for and how to get there.

People at this level tend to improve in the following areas: Many people tell us they are reluctant to talk in groups, but after working on their speech, this changes, which is the point of all the hard work.

Wonderful News!

People frequently discover that when they concentrate on one area, other areas begin to develop on their own.

What causes this to happen? This occurs because their listening abilities, awareness, and control all develop significantly as they progress through their training. There is a great knock-on effect: as students improve their English accent and pronunciation, modifying their speech becomes simpler and faster.

How To Get The Most Improvement?

I’ve previously stated practice as the most crucial thing, but there are several others:

Creating A Plan And Making Time To Improve

This should go without saying, but make sure you schedule a time to watch your videos and practice. I advise folks to complete their 15 minutes of practice every day in the car or while walking. You may listen to your speech in one earphone while listening to it in the other. Practice quietly while you walk to work. Or, in the shower, rehearse loudly in front of a mirror. Play the audio files over a speaker and practice loudly. Pay attention and repeat! The most important thing to remember is to set aside that time.

Selecting The Correct Course

There are several training opportunities available. It is critical to select a course that is at the appropriate level for you and of high quality. Many individuals squander their money on nonsense courses. Great training will assist you in developing abilities for long-term success – no band-aids or fast solutions. There is no fast fix when it comes to language acquisition!

Having The Proper Frame Of Mind

Students who feel they can improve will improve, and this is crucial. People frequently experience minor meltdowns at the outset of accent reduction training because they believe they are not progressing. That’s because the initial half of your course focuses on developing your awareness and listening abilities. These are necessary abilities for controlling your voice sounds. So, trusting the process and being persistent may go a long way!

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