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Understanding The Things That Professional Genealogists Can and Can’t Do

It is understood that when you hire a professionally skilled genealogist, you are entrusting them with your aspirations to learn more about your family history. Since genealogy is their passion, nothing makes them happier than to get delve into a fascinating ancestral mystery, compile all the evidence and piece the truth together, no matter how surprising or uninteresting it may be. There are powerful emotions involved for both you and the genealogist as you are connecting with your ancestors, which is quite deep and meaningful.

Hiring a genealogist

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Capabilities and limitations of genealogists

Professional genealogists understand the fact that managing client expectations is a key component of providing a great research experience. Therefore, to understand what professional genealogists can and cannot do, here are their capabilities and limitations.

Access to records

Professional genealogists do indeed have access to all the big and small genealogical repositories available online through which they get the original records about your ancestors. If needed, they also collaborate with private investigators for accessing more records. However, they do not have access to any exclusive database with the exact answers which you do not have access to as. They research the record of each ancestor at a time instead of quickly assimilating an entire section or a tree of seven generations.

Assessing family tree online

Family trees can be searched and compared online but genealogists understand the fact that most of them are unsourced and unreliable based on probabilities. Genealogists follow a standardized proof to search and validate the family tree records by finding at least two primary sources and focusing on only one section at a time.

Accomplish goals if given enough time

Professional genealogists know the place to look for a particular record and take out the relevant information. They know how to analyze and evaluate genealogical records to gain clues and find additional records.

However, they can never guarantee what and how much information will be found during the research. They need time to break through the records, recognize new clues and start on an accurate path to achieve their goal. DNA matching for revealing biological truths also takes time for descendant research and waiting for the results.

Hiring a professionally qualified genealogist is the right thing to do for discovering and learning about your ancestors. They leave no stone unturned to ensure to find answers for their clients.

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