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Tips to Make Your Rooftop Useable

There are many practical considerations that you should make in order to create an appealing perch for your occupants, regardless of whether it’s a rooftop space or an event space.

The gray and dull office of old is passé. People today expect more from the workplace. They look for places that reflect their values. Spaces where they can relax, work and have fun. If you’re looking for ways that to outperform the competition, consider a useful rooftop.

It can seem difficult to retrofit an existing rooftop into something like a backyard, park, or other event space. Con-form Group is a leading manufacturer of roofing solutions and building envelopes. “It must be the perfect setting, the best roof, and the most appropriate application.

However, roofers and architects agree that a rooftop is worth the investment if done properly.

The Benefits of a Useable Rooftop

Useful rooftops are a great way to attract potential employees and occupants into your building. It’s also a great benefit for tenants trying to attract top talent. Also, tenants want amenities to improve their well-being.

As cities become denser, the idea of creating usable rooftops offers an opportunity to think beyond the box. Yes, it can be costly, but we as humans need to be connected to nature and the outdoors. Not paving everywhere.

Your building’s sustainability may also be improved by having rooftop spaces. Retrofitting your roof for solar panel installation might be the right choice. Green rooftops are great for water management and heat exposure.

Consider These Things

Make sure your roof is appropriate for your building before you make any retrofitting decisions. Lambert suggests that you ask yourself these questions prior to starting the retrofitting process.

  • What do you want for your rooftop system?
  • Is it made to last?
  • Will it be properly designed, detailed, and built?
  • The most important aspect of any space is its roof.

When you are considering a roof replacement, architects and roofing professionals agree that you should pay attention to these five essential items:

1. Quality of Views

What are the views? Are they worth it? It may seem obvious, but this question is critical for any roof space investment.

You spend all of this money, and you finally get up on the roof. But what’re you really looking at? A side view of another building Office of an associate principal at an architecture & design firm.

Not all roofs can be considered equal. It is possible to be in a different location surrounded by four taller structures. At this point, there isn’t a great view. You must take the time to consider whether this is the most beneficial use of your time. You must be realistic.

2. Structural Load Capacity

It’s important to ensure that your roof is capable of doing what you want it. Retrofitting an accessible rooftop area can add weight. Please be aware that there are building code requirements as well as structural load.

3. Allowing For the Use of Mechanical Equipment

Remember that HVAC and other mechanical equipment installed on your rooftop must be accommodated. You will have to combat rooftop ductwork, equipment, and piping. These were not designed for roof spaces.

If you can work around this equipment, make sure it doesn’t disturb the desired ambiance in your new space.

4. Waterproofing

Waterproofing must be considered for all roof systems. Can it keep water out of the roof for a prolonged time? It is essential to avoid leaking. There is nothing worse than having a green roof installed that looks great but then leaks.

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