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Benefits of Seeing an Endodontist

A dental endodontist can diagnose, treat, and prevent tooth-related issues. They specialize in treating the dental pulp and the pulp chamber inside the tooth root. There are many reasons to see a dental professional for tooth pain and related issues. Learn more about these benefits.

Consideration for Treatment by an Endodontist

A traditional dentist and an Endodontist deal with tooth-related matters, but an endodontist offers specialized treatments for the diagnosis and treatment of dental pulp. Following is a review of the advantages of treating tooth root problems with an endodontist instead of a traditional dentist.

A Precise Diagnosis of Pain in the Teeth 

Endodontists focus on treating the root issues of teeth. Traditional dentists treat a wide range. Endodontists are skilled in diagnosing and treating common symptoms like tooth pain, sensitivity, and other problems that affect the tooth’s root.

Accurate diagnosis can ensure that the recommended treatment is effective and will not fail. Endodontists have the ability to determine whether a patient has a root canal treatment needed to treat a toothache or severe dental decay.

The Ability for Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy can be a complex dental procedure and requires extensive training. Although traditional dentists may be able to perform root canal treatment, endodontists tend to place more emphasis on the procedure. Patients who have anxiety before the procedure are reassured that they will be in good hands. Endodontists often see patients who have root issues every day. This makes it easier for them to determine if a root can be done or another method of treatment.

An Explanation of the Treatment Procedure

Many people experience anxiety before having a root-canal procedure. A good way to address this is to find an endodontist with expertise in the procedure who can give you detailed information about what to expect. This allows the patient to be mentally and physically prepared and also gives them answers to their questions.

All Treatment Takes Place in the Office

Traditional dentists will often refer their patients to an endodontist. An endodontist will be able to complete each stage of the process (diagnosis through treatment, aftercare, and maintenance) in one office. This makes patients feel calmer and provides a more convenient treatment. Going to different dentists may be an inconvenience for patients and can lead to higher fees.

Experts in Their Field

Endodontists go through the same training and schooling as general dentists. However, they have an additional two years of training in the treatment of dental pulp problems. Their practice focuses on these issues, which gives them a lot of experience performing procedures like root canals.

While a traditional dental practitioner may only perform two root canals per day, an endodontist will do more. A typical week will see about 25 root-canal procedures performed by an endodontist.

Root canals require more skill and are therefore often referred to an endodontist by dentists who don’t feel confident doing them. You can expect higher quality and safety when you have more training in performing these procedures.

Get In Touch With Our Endodontists Today to Set Up a Consultation

Our Endodontist Central Coast team can help you if your tooth pain is severe or if there are other health issues. We specialize in problems related to the roots and will answer all your questions during your first visit.

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