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Fiery Black Friday Deals for Your Cell Phone Repair Store

Who is unfamiliar with Black Friday? Its sale is 624 times more than the normal Friday sales. Only in 2021, shoppers spent $30 to $40 Billion in sales during Black Friday. Now Black Friday is around the corner, and local shoppers flood the markets for shopping and to avail best discounts and offers. Sellers usually extend Black Friday to the whole month of November. But in the recent two years, it has been a bit different due to the pandemic. So people avoid going to crowded places, so the Black Friday sales have also shifted online. So you can avail of offers offline and online; both have their own perks. Sellers are geared up with their items and tools like cell phone store POS software to get the most out of Black Friday.

With the ongoing inflation, as a repair shop owner, you must be more than ever ready to take advantage of this Black Friday. For that, you have to plan the best strategies to attract all these shoppers to your store. Because this is the very season when customers are searching for good deals. You have to take advantage of their shifted behavior of shopping. Don’t let the limitations of time push you back on being the number one seller of the holiday.

Have the best offers for your customers so that they feel they have scored the best deals of all time. For that, you have to come up with the best deals of the time so that your customers are bound to say, “What a steal!”

Let’s dive into some amazing deals for this season.

Exclusive Deals and Giveaways

Create a sense of FOMO and excitement by displaying the best deals. You can advertise online or display in your brick-and-mortar store on POS Software. It’s really easier to stand out from the crowd when you have exclusive deals and discounts. Many businesses require a lot of effort to get their word out in the market, but this season, this is not the case. Everyone is looking for repairs, services, and devices to offer their loved ones. Some want to get their children’s favorite tablet fixed, while others want to buy some fancy accessories to pair up with their devices. Black Friday is the right time to do so. Offer exclusive deals like “buy one get one free” or 20, 30, 40, or even 50% discounts.

Through in deal every day, if possible, every hour to continuously engage your customers with your cell phone repair store. You can take the help of your repair shop software to manage all the quick-changing deals. One of the other ways to improve your sales is by the giveaway method. Giveaway items with every customer’s purchase. Create opportunities for them to win free stuff that they would happily like, share, and follow, which in return is good marketing for your business. So in the holiday times when people have to get their cell phones repaired, giving them discounts and free products will make them come to you instantly.

Black Friday can also be a good opportunity to sell your extra or dead stock that has been on your warehouse shelves for ages. Of Course with exclusive discounts you can sell them like hot cakes. These usually include holiday-themed cell phone accessories.

Multiple Ways of Shopping

Since the pandemic, the way of shopping has changed forever. People prefer to make all their purchases online. But how come repairs be done online? Obviously, this is not possible, so you should provide the opportunity for online appointments using your Cell Phone Store POS Software. Plus, you can sell accessories online with amazing deals. If somehow you don’t have a website, then provide alternate ways for your customers to buy from you in the comfort of their homes. Here you can do an interesting thing by spreading your deals and discounts to different platforms. Some famous ones are Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. you can have a contest where your customers will participate and win products and discounts.

Provide Free-Shipping and Pickup

Free shipping is the biggest trick that never goes unnoticed. Many customers abandon their carts due to expensive shipping. They expect you to ship items for free when they are shopping in huge quantities. So this season, provide free shipping and see your sales grow exponentially. Also, update your customers about their delivery progress using repair shop software. In addition to that, provide pickup opportunities as well. Maybe the pandemic is over, but it still haunts people worldwide, and they hesitate to contact us directly, so one thing you can do along with free delivery is contactless pickup. With this technique, customers will feel safe to shop with you in the crowded season.

Highlight Accessories

Accessories are the best ways to earn profit in the cell phone repair store. Cell phone glass protectors, back covers, portable chargers, handsfree, AirPods, LED covers, and much more sell like hotcakes 365 days a year. These products are even more popular during Black Friday because they are used for gift purposes and are holiday themed. Since Black Friday is before Christmas, people are super excited about buying gifts, and Christmas accessories and cell phone accessories are on top. You can display them on the customer-facing display POS Software right beside the checkout counter to grab the customer’s attention or showcase it on the website and social media platforms.

The holiday season is the magical time of the year, and what can be more magical than having your favorite items and services at a discount? So be sure to give hefty discounts this Black Friday and manage all of it using cell phone store POS software.

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