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Task Lighting: What do you need to know about it?

Read this blog to widen your knowledge about an important type of lighting – Task lighting, its benefits, types and tips to install it for optimum utilisation.

What exactly is Task Lighting?

Task lighting is a type of direct lighting that is used to easily perform specific tasks like reading, writing, working or other complex labour, etc., in a workspace. It is used to increase visibility in a constrained space by providing light bright enough to illuminate minute details and prevent distracting shadows.

Not to mention, integrating task lighting into indoor lighting systems is crucial for your eye health in addition to making your work simpler to view. This is because eye difficulties like strains can result from poor illumination. And, brighter task lighting can help eliminate such health concerns along with contributing to enhancing the aesthetics of the overall space adequately. 

Significance of Task lighting

Task lighting delivers remarkable levels of bright, comfortable light in a  workspace and has positive effects on the environment, economy, and ergonomics.

Environmental benefits: The LED task lighting solutions leave no carbon footprint and are sustainable to be utilised in commercial buildings to help them go green and contribute to the betterment of the environment. 

Economical benefits: Such indoor LED lighting is both cost and energy efficient which ensures huge savings on the consumption of electricity and the overall bill. 

Ergonomical benefits: The best part of task lighting luminaires is that they are easy to install and use throughout their lifespan. They are placed overhead which gives you the flexibility to adjust, dim and concentrate on your task at hand to the fullest. 

Types of Task Lighting luminaires

After understanding the meaning and importance of task lighting, it is time to explore different types of task lighting solutions to select for your office lighting system. Look further to get better insights on the same.

Wall-mounted lights: For a cosy reading nook, these long-lasting indoor LED fixtures are frequently placed close to chairs. You can easily avail of both huge, lamp-like designs and small, thin lights that resemble wall-mounted light sources from the top LED manufacturers in India. 

Regardless of the style used, these lights provide a convenient light source in locations where task lighting is regularly required.

Lamps: Task lighting can be easily added with lamps to workstations.  Desk lights are ideal for table tops or work desks, while floor lamps are fantastic for lighting a chair or corner. 

Due to the fact that lamps simply need an outlet to plug into, this type of work lighting is the easiest to install.

Under cabinet luminaires: Under cabinet lighting provides the ideal task lighting for counter spaces in cafeterias or craft studios. Small, round lights, sometimes known as puck lighting, as well as long strips or ropes, are both options for under-cabinet illumination. These are ideal for offering work surface illumination without taking up valuable counter space.

Tips to integrate Task Lighting into the lighting design

The correct task lighting can make the difference between a relaxing work environment and one that is tedious and distracting. Here are some suggestions to take into account as you design the most effective task lighting system for your workplace.

Start by focusing on the other light sources in the space. This will enable you to fully utilise any current light sources and provide task lighting in the required location. For example, to help minimise any shadows and distribute the light more evenly, a task light on the right of a reading chair with a window to its left might be a good idea.

The second tip is to put the task light in a location where it will be most useful. Although it may seem insignificant, positioning is crucial for efficient and comfortable task lighting. A floor lamp in front of you will cast strange shadows down your ledgers and produce light that is excessively bright on the page, while a task light in front of a computer will produce an unpleasant glare. Keep desk lights away from monitors to maintain bright, even lighting across the space. To illuminate such regions without reflecting light onto the display, use modest lighting solutions from reputed brands like Wipro Lighting.

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