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Understanding How Countertops Are Installed

We’re proud to announce that property owners are turning to our team to get practical and valuable advice on how to maintain their countertops, as well as how to mine granite and marble. In order to tell the next story in the granite countertop installation process — or in any of our material countertop projects — we’re here.

What to Learn: The Ins-and-Outs of Stone Countertop Install Process

You need to be familiar with the installation process before you start shopping for new stone countertops. For proper fitting and design, professional fabricators are usually hired to install stone materials such as gray, marble, quartz, and other heavy or special materials. For countertop installation to be successful, you need the right tools and equipment. You also need experience and knowledge.

Let’s discuss professional countertop installation. It includes how granite countertops will be installed and what the difference is between marble and quartz countertop installation. Now that you’ve chosen the material and have measured your kitchen surfaces accurately let’s see what you can expect in the countertop installation.


Ask your countertop installers whether they will remove countertops from bathrooms or kitchens, as well as disconnect electrical and plumbing fixtures. Granite contractors will take care of all actions, unlike other installers. It won’t make sense to hire outside help.

Clear any appliances that require removals, such as soap pumps, coffeemakers, or decor. Be aware that you won’t have kitchen access for many hours. You will need to remove any plates and silverware you don’t use.

Allow countertop installers easy access by ensuring that there is a clear pathway from the kitchen to their work area. We recommend that you keep pets and young children away from the work area. You should have a contractor coordinate the entire process.


The time required to install professional granite or marble depends on the size and design details of your project. Marble countertops will take much less time to install than tiles due to their intricate design. The length of time taken by the installer depends on the complexity and accessibility of the space. It takes approximately four to eight hours to install natural stone.

Countertop Installation

A general procedure is followed for installing a natural stone countertop. For pre-measured dimensions, slabs can either be cut in advance or made on-site by skilled artisans. This includes cutting out cutouts for cooktops and under-mount sinks and crafting custom edges. It doesn’t matter where the slabs are cut or prepared. Once they have been completed, they can be laid onto the bare countertop, leveled, then secured. The epoxy that is mixed to match the stone will be used to join the seams. The joined area should be smoothened so that a very thin line can be seen. Attachment blocks help secure the stone to cabinets.

Our installers need to be able to handle many unexpected challenges.

Granite and Marble Countertop Installation vs. Quartz

You might wonder how quartz countertop installation differs from granite and marble installation. The truth is that there is no significant difference between marble, granite, and engineered (manmade) stone installation.

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