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Things To Explore Before You Choose Tiles For Your Washroom

Every single person will agree that tiles for the bathroom are predominant aspects, whether they are the tiles used on the floor or the ones on the wall. It is very important that when you select the tiles for your bathroom you pick the best with lots of care. Bathroom tiles are available in a variety of colors, styles, sizes, and forms.

Here is a list of the most popular bathroom tiles that most people would recommend for the walls and bathroom floors. The pros and cons are also mentioned with each one of the kinds so that you can select the best one.

  • Ceramic bathroom tiles:

If there is a budget then ceramic tiles would fit well in it. They are made up of clay, minerals, and water and get cooked in a kiln. There are a variety of pattern and colors available in them, but they can be delicate and porous if left unglazed. Due to the moisture resistance and easy to maintain factor, ceramic tiles get to be popular over the others.

The tiles stay warm in the winter and cool enough in the summer. They are the best option you can have for the flooring and wall tiles in the washroom. BELK Tile ceramic tiles are available at the best offer and in different varieties. You can easily place your order and get the tiles transported to your place.

List of Pros:

  • Ceramic toilet tiles are very versatile.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • And are long lasting.

List of cons:

  • They can be slick when wet. You can use a bath mat on the floor to minimize slipping.
  • They are hefty.

Terracotta tiles for the bathroom:

Terracotta tiles on the walls and floors of the washroom get the feeling of the old world. They are made of red clay and work well on the rustic and traditional bathrooms.

These tiles make their space because of their earthiness and aesthetic appeal. In a Mediterranean home, you will always find red clay designs.

List of pros:

  • Bacteria and mold won’t grow on them.
  • Terracotta gets the warmth.
  • They are long lasting if taken care of in the right way.
  • They are the best way to get a rustic option in the washroom.

List of cons:

  • They absorb water really quickly and are porous, they should get sealed every few years.
  • It needs a lot of keep ups.

Porcelain tiles:

These can be comparable to ceramic tiles, but are durable and because of their high density, they can be more robust. The material is stronger and has more scratch resistance than the ceramic.

This is made up of a high temperature compared to others. They are very popular for bathroom flooring and wall tiles as they are water resistant and porous.

List of pros:

  • They are of high quality and can make the value of your property boost.
  • It can be cleaned easily.
  • Moisture, scratch, and stain resistance.
  • They won’t be faded.

List of cons:

  • You will need an interior designer to get them installed.
  • They can be slick when wet.

When you choose tiles for your bathroom make sure that you prioritize safety over style and choose the best of the rest.

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