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Butt Implants: Everything You Need to Know

Butt implants are surgically implanted artificial devices that add volume to the buttocks.

This surgery, often known as gluteal or butt augmentation, has gained popularity in recent years. Buttock lifts, implants, and augmentation with fat grafting are the most common forms of buttock-related procedures.

Butt implant operations, despite their popularity, are not without danger. Consult a surgeon about the potential advantages as well as any projected expenses and recovery time.

Procedures for Butt Implants

Buttock implants have one purpose: to improve the form of the buttocks. However, there are a few alternative techniques for accomplishing this aim. Fat grafting and buttock implants are the two basic kinds of operations.

Transfer of Fat

Butt enlargement with fat grafting was the most common buttocks cosmetic procedure. It is also known as the “Brazilian butt lift.”

During this operation, your surgeon extracts fat from another part of your body – often the belly, flanks, or thighs – and injects it into the buttocks to enhance volume. To obtain the most natural appearance possible, this procedure is frequently paired with silicone implants.

Butt Lift Sculptra

Another method involves injecting Sculptra into the soft tissue of the buttocks. This operation is carried out in a doctor’s office with little to no downtime.

The substance contributes a tiny volume at the moment of injection, and your body utilizes it to produce new collagen, which may further increase the volume in that location over weeks to months.

It takes many sessions to see a substantial effect, as well as numerous vials of medicine every session, which may be costly.

Buttock Injections with Hydrogel and Silicone

You’ve probably heard of hydrogel buttock injections as a less expensive technique of augmentation. This approach produces just transitory benefits and does not need a typical surgical treatment. It’s also hazardous.

Silicone injections, like hydrogel injections, do not need surgery and do not immediately alter the form of your buttocks.

While there has been some discussion about using silicone injections instead of butt implants, this procedure is not advised. In truth, buttock silicone injections may be quite harmful.

Implants Made Of Silicone

Butt implants are made up of silicone. Solid silicone implants, as opposed to injections, are surgically implanted into the buttocks via an incision between the butt cheeks.

For the best outcomes, this technique is occasionally paired with fat grafting. Buttock surgery might take up to four weeks to recuperate from.

Typically, implants increase volume. This is something that injections and fat grafts cannot do on their own. Overall, silicone implants have been shown to be both safe and effective for buttock enlargement.

People with minimal fat may not have enough to inject for a Brazilian butt lift; therefore, implants are recommended.

Who May Benefit From A Buttock Implant?

Buttock implants are becoming more popular; however, they are not suitable for everyone. If you meet the following criteria, you may be an excellent candidate for buttock implants:

• Recently lost weight and have lost some of the natural shapes of your buttocks;

• Believe that your natural shape is too flat or squarish;

• Want to combat natural signs of aging, such as sagginess and flatness;

• Do not smoke tobacco; and

• Lead a healthy lifestyle.

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