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Candle Making: Three Important Steps to Help Beginners

People are often shocked to learn that melting wax, adding fragrances and colors, then pouring it into containers with wicks is more than just melting it. The craft isn’t just a craft. It is also a science. Like all science, you have to research, test, experiment, and repeat, which can prove costly and time-consuming.

Make sure you take your candle-making seriously, regardless of whether you are creating it as a gift, to keep, or to sell. You won’t be able to create a perfect candle overnight. A candle that smells good and is properly made can take several months. This article will not give you the exact steps to make your candle. But it will offer some advice about where to start, how much research to do, how to purchase the materials you need, and how to test your candles.

Step 1 – Do Your Research

First and foremost, you need to educate yourself about candle making supplies. This will make the process simpler and help avoid any future headaches.

The internet is full of information about candle-making. Do a Google search for “candle-making supplies” to view the sites of suppliers who cater to candle makers and hobbyists. This will provide you with a broad overview of what’s available.

Supplier websites offer you access to a wide range of information regarding various components used in candle making. They also have tutorials, troubleshooting tips, customer reviews, and other useful information. Craftserver.com also makes a great website. The forum is filled with honest and helpful tips from veteran candle makers.

Here Are Some Things To Know:

Waxes: How to choose the right type of wax? How can certain waxes be set up to perform? Which are the best methods to melt and pour wax?

Wicks: It is one of the most critical components to know. How should wicks be used, and what types are available?

Containers or Molds: Certain containers are easier than others. Large-mouthed, unusually-shaped containers can make it difficult to wick. The process of making votives or columns using molds isn’t as straightforward as using containers.

Step 2: Buy Small Quantities of Supplies

New candle makers make the most common mistake of buying too many candle supplies. They are hoping to create a great candle in just a few days. Then they find out that things are not going as they had hoped. Purchase supplies in small quantities only for testing purposes.

It is important to choose local suppliers for wax. Although you might only require small amounts of wax for now, if the candle-making business continues, larger quantities will be required. Shipping costs can increase for larger batches of wax. However, if you locate a supplier close to your home, you may be able to pick up your supplies and save money over the long term.

Step 3 Test Your Candles

Although testing can be tedious and stressful, it’s the third most important step when making candles. Would you like candles with large flames to match your decor? No. Are you averse to candles burning unevenly? No.

Containers, wicks, fragrance oils, dyes, additives, and waxes all have different working relationships. Some fragrance oils may not work with soy wax; certain wicks might not work with other containers. You can eliminate these and many other issues by testing your candles.

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