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Different Types of Bollards and Their Uses

Bollards are used for many different purposes. They are made of different materials to serve in different locations and areas. Bollards have many different uses but the main objective of these posts is to provide safety and security for both people and properties.

Bollards and Their Uses

A bollard is a short vertical post used to protect different premises. They are also used to provide a visual barrier. They are used in high-traffic areas to guide and manage traffic. Storefronts also install bollards to protect their stores from crashes and thefts. They are also used to protect pedestrians from vehicular traffic. They are also used to guide pedestrians to stay in their lanes so that they may not disturb vehicular traffic.

The basic use of a bollard can be divided into two types. It is either used for security or for decorative purposes.

In the case of providing security, bollards are placed in areas where you want to divide different types of traffic from one another. In this way, you can provide security to one type of traffic from the other.

On the other hand, when bollards are used for decorative purposes, they simply serve a decorative purpose only, for example, lighted bollards are used on walkways in parks to be used by people walking at night. They can also be decorative and also serve as a guiding purpose.

Different Types of Bollards 

It does not matter where the bollard is installed. The more important factor is that wherever the bollard is placed it is a sign that you should be careful now whether you are driving or you are a pedestrian. That is why bollards come in different shapes, sizes, styles, and materials to serve different situations. Some important types of bollards are given below.

1. Removable Bollards

Removable bollards are removable post that is mostly used in private properties to restrict access. These bollards are flexible in nature. They provide you with an option where you can control access to your property. For example, when you want to allow access to vehicles, you can remove the bollards. Similarly, when you want to restrict the entrance to your property, you can place back the bollards to restrict entry.

Removable bollards are very easy to use as they are flexible. Their installation process is also very simple as they are not fixed in the ground. You can simply remove the bollards when not in use and place them away for later use.

2. Construction Bollards

The construction bollards are seen near projects that are under construction. They are mostly seen near road construction projects or areas in which some building is under construction. The main objective of construction bollards is to guide people and traffic about the construction site. They are used to redirect the traffic from the construction site to avoid any hazards or accidents. These bollards also serve as a protective barrier for the building under construction and the people working in it.

Construction bollards are usually made of plastic and bright colors. A reflective tape is also placed on these bollards in a tactical way. Construction bollards are placed close to each other to provide a visual barrier for the traffic and drivers.

3. Security Bollards

Security bollards are used for the security of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. They are more like construction bollards but they are made of heavy material to reduce the impact of collisions or crashes. They are usually made of steel and filled with concrete from the inside. They are installed in a strategic way to match the surrounding so that they provide a proper visual barrier for which they are basically placed at a certain location. These bollards are always fixed in the ground and for this purpose, the ground needs to be excavated and then the bollard is fixed inside. The installation of security bollards is complex process due to the excavation part.

4. Bicycle Parking Bollards

Bicycle parking-bollards are used to provide a safe place for cyclists to park their bicycles. Cyclists often park their cycles along roadsides which becomes a major cause of disturbance in the flow of traffic. However, with the introduction of bicycle bollards, it has become easy and safe for cyclists to park their bicycles properly and safely without disturbing the traffic.

A bicycle bollard is in the shape of a post and an arm. Two bicycles can be parked at once with the same bollard. They are made of heavy material so that they can easily hold the weight of bicycles. They also come in different shapes and sizes to provide convenience for the users and to fit in with the surroundings as well.

5. Marine Bollards

The name clarifies that marine bollards are used for boats. They are used for anchoring boats in the harbor. They are made of strong materials to support and carry the weight of boats. They are made in a mushroom-like structure with an edge at the top so that ropes can easily go down the bollards. They also have an additional cross rod to tie the ropes tightly.

6. Retractable Bollards

Retractable bollards are also known as anti-ram bollards. They are mostly placed at the entry and exit points of buildings. They are also used to provide restricted access like removable bollards. They are designed in a way that they retract down into the ground when you want to allow vehicles to pass and come out when you want to restrict vehicle access. They are controlled with a remote control or a humanly operated switch.

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Concluding Comments

Bollards are no doubt a very efficient product when it comes to safety and security. They provide you the flexibility to control access to your property. 

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