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How To Get Your Music on Apple Music, Spotify & All Major Streaming Platforms?

Every professional needs to earn a living even musicians. Today, as a singer or music director, you can sell your music online and get before global music lovers. Digital downloads and physical music sales are declining because streaming has become a dominant distribution form. 

Streaming is a good thing because people are listening to more music from global artists than before. Independent artists can get their singles or jingles heard. The music piracy issue has significantly reduced. Apple Music and Spotify streaming services have made it easy for consumers to choose their favorite songs from their libraries jammed with millions of melodies. 

Today, independent artists don’t need a record label for marketing or distributing. They can easily get sell songs on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc. without losing their music right and control over where to distribute or on what date to release. 

Streaming platforms have made it possible for less popular artists to get their music distributed. Less resource is needed to sell your music on Amazon, iTunes, TikTok, Spotify, etc. It levels the music arena as major labels lose their power. Once upon a time artists needed labels to distribute the bulk of physical products. Nevertheless, in this digital era, things are changed. 

How to get music on Apple Music or other streaming apps?

You will need a music distributing company to get your track in the world. It doesn’t matter if you want to get your music on Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, or Apple Music. As the music sector has shifted to the World Wide Web, the traditional distributional deal or agreement is not important for the commercial success of artists. 

It is sensible to consider a distribution deal with streaming platforms early in a career. Have your music published on suitable or niche streaming platforms and start building a fan base while earning royalties. 

MusicDigi is a reliable music aggregator firm that can help your album be exposed to worldwide music fans. Get registered, open an account and pay less than $60 for one year, and upload endless albums and songs. 

Make sure to read the music and cover art-related upload requirements or technical details about the pixel and format. Choose Apple Music and several other popular streaming apps and stores. Within a couple of days, your music will be alive on the chosen streaming stores and apps. 

The music distributor does not evaluate the music quality, it is a service offered. The agreement is usage terms and conditions to be followed. You sign up with the distributor and agree to adhere to their T&Cs, so read the fine print and understand them to avoid nasty surprises. 

Before you get your music on TikTok, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc., ensure to choose a release date that offers a chance to promote on social channels or create short-form content for TikTok and see it roll. Perform live stream shows online or get involved in YouTube for Musicians. 

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