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Know about AppleCare and its US and UK Alternatives

Apple is known for manufacturing top-tier devices that offer a magnificent appearance paired with exceptional performance. Very few products and companies in the global market can compete with Apple’s offerings. Besides catering to the technological needs of millions of people all around the globe, Apple also offers insurance plans for its devices called AppleCare. The multinational giant offers two insurance plans under the AppleCare insurance plan: AppleCare and AppleCare+. According to MacRumours, Apple’s insurance plan for its gadgets significantly minimizes the stress and cost of accidental damage repairs or replacement. Moreover, it also nullifies the cost of repairing hardware-related failures and issues. This article will offer an in-depth look into AppleCare. Moreover, it will also list down some good alternatives to Apple’s insurance policy that are available in the U.S. and U.K. Let us begin:

AppleCare – An In-Depth Look:

AppleCare refers to the additional protection and services offered by Apple for every one of its devices. Individuals who purchase Apple products, such as an iPhone, Mac, iPad, etc., can also opt for an AppleCare insurance plan to benefit from additional services. Opting for an AppleCare plan offers numerous benefits to customers, including coverage for hardware malfunction for up to three years. Besides this, it also covers accidental damage at very little or no cost compared to paying for the damages out of pocket. 

Apple offers two types of insurance policies for its devices, namely AppleCare and AppleCare+. Even though they look and sound very similar, they are quite different from each other. For instance, AppleCare is complimentary for every Apple product (hardware) an individual purchases. AppleCare+, on the other hand, extends bot phone support and adds an additional hardware warranty of three years. Moreover, it also offers a lower-cost option for basic repairs and fixes. 

AppleCare – Worth It?

There are individuals who, while purchasing a new Apple product, think twice about purchasing the additional warranty offered by Apple and wonder, ”Should I get AppleCare.” The answer is yes. It is crucial that every individual who wishes to invest in an expensive electronic gadget from Apple, or any other brand, should also purchase a reliable insurance policy like AppleCare+. Opting for an AppleCare+ plan offers numerous benefits to users. For instance, if something happens to an insured Apple device’s internal hardware, all the owner needs to do is take it to an authorized Apple service center and get it fixed at little or no additional cost. Besides this, opting for an AppleCare+ policy also instills a sense of security and confidence in owners regarding the safety and well-being of their devices. To conclude, any individual who purchases a new Apple device, be it an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, should also purchase an AppleCare+ policy to ensure that the device remains insured.

AppleCare Alternatives:

Even though AppleCare+ is a solid insurance plan that packs in tons of benefits, many individuals feel that the service is overpriced. However, having gadget insurance is crucial. Hence, if you wish to opt for a better, more value-for-money insurance plan for your Apple device, here are some of the most popular stand-alone insurance services you can consider opting to:

U.S. AppleCare Alternatives:

Asurion – Asurion’s insurance policy covers damage costs, as well as remuneration for loss and theft of Apple devices. However, they generally partner with popular carriers, such as Verizon, U.S. Cellular, etc. Individuals can only enroll for an Asurion insurance policy within 30 days of buying an iPhone. Even though the rates are a bit higher, tons of people prefer opting for Asurion’s insurance policy over AppleCare+ since the former offers better benefits.

Lori – Another popular stand-alone service that offers iPhone insurance is Lori. The popular service offers four tiers of coverage, each of which offer users different sets of benefits. The lowest plan, named Starter, charges $7-$15 monthly, whereas the highest one costs around $200, which offers a new replacement in case of theft or loss.

U.K. AppleCare+ Alternatives:

Simple Insurance – Simple Insurance facilitates iPhone owners to pay upfront for the coverage of damage costs and thereby allows individuals to save money. The popular U.K-based service offers two types of payments while purchasing an insurance plan – individuals can either opt for a monthly payment plan or choose to pay the entire insurance cost in one go.

Protect Your Bubble – Another popular alternative for AppleCare+ in the U.K. is Protect Your Bubble’s insurance plans. Individuals can pay a few pounds every month for a fixed tenure to ensure that their iPhone’s damage and repair costs are covered. Besides this, if users wish to get a replacement if their iPhone gets stolen in the future, they can add the benefit to the plan by adding a hundred pounds. 

Even though it features a hefty price tag, AppleCare+ is a good insurance plan for Apple device users. However, individuals who wish to save money can opt for other alternatives, as mentioned above.

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