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How to Save Money on Valentine’s Day

Putting Joy in Her Eyes and Keeping Money in Your Wallet

A gift doesn’t impart joy because of its value. Imagine somebody gives you a luxury car. Now imagine you’re not legally allowed to drive.

That sounds a bit over-the-top, but a lot of ladies in big cities never learn to drive. You don’t have to drive in NYC, or Chicago. You should probably learn anyway, but you really don’t have to. If you’re dating a lady who doesn’t know how to drive, teaching her can be a fine date.

Find an empty parking lot and let her drive around to get used to handling your vehicle, then take her out on the road. Be careful: this isn’t strictly legal if she doesn’t have a learner’s permit; though on private property, you’re good. Still, if she wrecks, that’s on you; you let her drive. If you’re savvy and cautious, it’s a fine date and she’ll absolutely love you for it.

This is a “free” idea. Now it’s dangerous because of the law in your area, so maybe don’t take this as the only option. It’s considerable, though.


A Cost-Effective Trifold Delight
Another approach is the layered gift. A classic rose is relatively inexpensive, and you can couple that with another gift like a box of her favorite chocolates. First, don’t just buy candy willy-nilly. Take the time to figure out what she likes. Sure, Lindt Truffles are likely a win; but some people have tastes which don’t prefer such sweetness. Some like citrus-flavored treats.

Whatever she likes, get her that—you can find a treat under $10, easily. Next, find a tiny bit of jewelry for $20 or under; one that isn’t “cheap” or “synthetic”, it’s just not “big”. Little earrings. A ring, a necklace, a watch. You can find something like that somewhere that’s affordable, whether you buy it new from the local department store, or find a treasure at the flea market.

Here’s the clever bit. You carefully open whatever sweet treat you’ve bought her. You might need to use a pen-knife and some clear tape. The pen knife cuts through the plastic wrap, the tape rebinds it once you’re finished. You might look into redoing the plastic wrap yourself. Regardless, you place the jewelry hidden in with the candy.

Put everything back together, and present the gift with a single rose on top that is attached to, say, a card, or a written note with a bit of verse you’ve managed to dream up, or perhaps some deep message of your undying love; whatever works. You can do that whole thing for about $35, maybe as little as $10 if you’re savvy about sourcing things. She’ll love it.

https://pixabay.com/photos/valentine-s-day-chocolates-candies-2057745/A Gift She’ll Remember
Whether you teach her to drive or give her a gift with multiple layers, you don’t have to break the bank to do it. Take these suggestions with a grain of salt, hopefully at a minimum they help you dream up something she’ll remember forever. Be safe, be clever, and think about what she really wants.

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