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Escape Room Concepts That are Taking Game Enthusiasts by the Storm

Have you often wondered how the concept of escape games began? What was the thought behind these games that sowed the idea of live escape rooms?

How Escape Games Originated

Escape rooms are interactive games that allow you to be the main character in the story, wherein you need to solve puzzles, decode cryptic messages, and use your logical skills to escape the rooms. You can enjoy multiple themes and scenarios. These games make good team-building activities or break-the-ice sessions.

If you live in Columbus and are looking for Columbus escape rooms for corporate or personal events, you can check the interactive escape games offered by Captivating Worlds, in Columbus, New Albany, OH. Each escape room comes with a dynamic storyline that is sure to keep you and your team entertained for hours. They even make use of theatrical lighting and special effects for real-life experiences.

The first modern-day escape room originated in Japan in 2004 with a computer game called Crimson Rush. People loved this unique game, which paved the way for other countries to make similar escape room games throughout the world. Later, the first live escape room game was built by a company known as SCRAP in Japan in the year 2007.

Initially, escape room games were played in sports bars or clubs, but nowadays many companies have started designing their games, with new themes and concepts. In the current scenario, escape room games have been a huge hit amongst 60 other countries including the US, UK, and other European countries.

What to Expect from Escape Room Games?

If this is your first time venturing into escape room games, then it might be an overwhelming experience for you. First and foremost, understanding what type of escape room theme would be ideal for you. Depending on your and your team’s genre, you can choose from fantasy, sci-fi, horror, adventures, or even historical events.

Escape rooms games are a great option as:

  • They promote team engagement
  • These are time-bound, so you need to coordinate with your team to get the tasks completed on time
  • They make you feel curious and motivated to complete the game and finish the storyline
  • They are virtually appealing with great graphics appealing to all your senses
  • It gets your creative juices flowing and come up with new ideas on how to escape
  • It gives you an adrenaline rush to solve the puzzles
  • It is a great stress buster

Escape rooms are a good exercise especially after staying locked indoors due to lockdown. Rather than sitting at home watching TV, or playing games online, you can reach out to escape room game companies book a slot, and enjoy yourself immensely.

The best part is that you will never get tired of escape games as there is always everything for everybody. Most of the games are for 60 minutes and you will have no idea how fast time flies when you immerse yourself in these games.


If you are looking to challenge yourself and explore new skills, then escape room games are the best option for you. Understanding the history of all this is what makes it exciting.

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