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Portable Evaporative Coolers Vs. Portable Heat Pump Air Conditioners

Are you tired of working from home and sweating all day? You might need to refresh yourself with a portable air conditioner.

The two most popular types of portable air conditioners are heat pump air conditioners and evaporative coolers. We explain how they work, what they cost, and the pros and cons of each.

Can You Explain Portable Evaporative Coolers?

Portable evaporative coolers can be moved around as long as there is power. Portable units can cool a person or a room, but not a house like built-in systems.

To prevent condensation, portable evaporative coolers should be used indoors with the glass open.

How Much Do They Cost To Purchase And Operate?

The cost of portable evaporative coolers is very low.

They cost between three and seven cents an hour for electricity and less than one penny for water. You should have enough water to fill your portable units at a rate between one and four liters an hour.

They Use How Much Energy?

Energy use will be determined by the size of your cooling unit and the area that you are cooling.

To get an idea of the size unit you will need, take the room’s volume. Divide it by 2. For a room that has a cubic meter output, choose an evaporative cool.

Portable Evaporative Coolers: Good Or Bad?

They are inefficient, especially if they are small. To exhaust air, they must be placed in front a window. This may not be the best option on a hot day.


The owner can do most of the maintenance on a portable evaporative cooler.

Unplug the unit, and take off the filter pads and cover. Use soap and water to clean the filters. These filters should be replaced depending on weather and water quality.

Heat Pump Air Conditioners Are Portable

Heat pump: Unlike split-system air conditioners that have compressors outside your home, portable air conditioners include all of their components in one interior system.

The majority of these units include casters as well as a 150mm flexible duct that exhausts air outside through a window. The unit’s adjustable window adapter makes most windows airtight.

Modern units can be plugged in without the need for pipes or window kits. These are spot coolers.

They are less portable than their names suggest because of the weight (up to 40kg) and venting duct. You only need a PowerPoint. You can rent them.

You can install an air conditioner portable with a screwdriver if your window is large enough.

Portable Heat Pump Air Conditioners: How Do They Work?

They take warm air from the outside and cool it using refrigerant.

The flexible duct must be placed in a window to vent heat from models equipped with a window kit. However, the downside to this is that warm air can be drawn from other rooms to replace the hot air when it is exhausted through the flexible duct. This portable air conditioner is unable to maintain a cool temperature.

How Effective Are Portable Heap Pump Air Conditioners?

Portable heat pump air conditioners make a great choice for renters with tight budgets due to their portability and low cost. Many older models are not efficient.

They Use How Much Energy?

Portable air conditioners were inefficient historically and didn’t require Energy Rating Labels.

How Much Upkeep Do They Need?

Every two weeks, air filters should be changed.

Repair any holes or air leaks in ducting. All air conditioners can be serviced and repaired.

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