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Everything To Know About Boating Licence

Buying a boat is a great accomplishment. The water adventures that you will experience, will surely give you immense pleasure. However, before you begin your boating experience, it is best to know everything about licence requirements. Most motor vehicles need proper licence and documentation, and this means if you have a boat or even a jetski, you will need a licence to operate it.

Furthermore, every state has different norms and requirements when it comes to acquiring licence for boating. Before you go ahead with any paperwork, it is best to overview the requirements of your state. Also, the type of licence you need might change depending on the exact type of vessel you have.

To know more about what type of boat licence you need, you can consult the Australian Boat Safe Licence College. They provide one of the best types of training and boating information to beginners. They offer many different courses to suit your requirement. Their trainers are well-qualified and have been in the teaching field for years. Also, if you have completed your training elsewhere and wish to learn more, they can be your perfect pick.

Obtaining licence

It is compulsory for everyone to go through a practical tuition course before acquiring a motorboat licence. Individuals who are new to boating will benefit from this boat and jetski licence course, as they get ot learn all the technical skills which ensures better safety. Many of those who have taken the course are vouching that the training has proved to be of great use to them.

The Practical Tuition Course from Australian Boat Safe Licence College involves on-water training. The course is just 4 to 5 long, and once the trainer is confident that the applicant has learned the necessary boating aspects and exercises, an examination is conducted. Upon clearing the exam, a motorboat or jetski licence is sanctioned. Usually, the licence is forwarded via e-mail within 3 to 4 weeks.

Different types of boat licences

The first thing that you need to do before applying for any type of licence is complete an approved Boat Safe Course. Any institution offering this course will give theoretical and practical training to their candidates. Also, you will be allowed to practice all the water exercises before the actual assessment. 

Some of the common types of licences include –

  • Recreational Marine Licences (RMDL)
  • Personal Water Craft Licence (PWCL)
  • General Licence / Boat Operators Licence (compulsory for candidates over the age of 16)
  • Young Adult General Licence (For candidates in the age group of 12 to 16)
  • PWC Endorsement (It is a compulsory licence and add to general licence, specifically for PWC operators)

Enrolling with a well-known boating school will not only ensure that you clear the assessment on the first try upon completing the boat licence course, but it even ensures your safety. Boating is a fun activity, but when you are out, knowing how to be safe is crucial. So, if you have purchased your first boat, or are planning to buy one soon, it is best to apply for a boating course simultaneously.

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