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Guest Reviews on Vrbo

When your visitor checks out of your vacation rental, he or she may leave a Vrbo guest review regarding their stay. This review is given a rating between 1 and 5. Similarly, as the host, you can rate your visitors and reply to guest feedback.

Nowadays, word-of-mouth or social proof recommendation or warning is a very effective strategy that may make or ruin your company.

Guest reviews are vital since they allow you to attempt damage control if someone has left a negative review about your property. It might be tough to find the time to examine your visitors, particularly if you rent out your house often or manage it from afar. We have provided some advice on this page to help you.

What is the significance of Vrbo guest reviews?

Because Vrbo bookings rely heavily on reviews and ratings, it’s critical to provide a guest review. Remember that both guests and hosts must leave a review for any to appear.

These evaluations will not only assist you and other landlords in better assessing prospective guests, but they will also drive more traffic to your property in the long term. Let’s look at why you should take the time to write a review for a guest:

Increase reservations

You have a wonderful property; besides the images and listing description, what is the best way to promote it and boost bookings? Authentic feedback from people who have stayed there!

Travelers depend on the advice of others to make the best decisions for their journeys. When prospective visitors evaluate your property, they always check for previous guests’ feedback. They want to know whether it’s worth booking and if the photographs and ad description are accurate. The better the rating, the more likely it is that your home will be booked.

So, by evaluating each visitor, you will get additional reviews! Your name and profile will display more often on the site, allowing more people to locate your property. Overall, it will boost your bookings while also raising your profile and reputation as a host.

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Contribute to the community

It is critical to provide guest evaluations to assist the whole Vrbo host community. It allows you and the other hosts to observe how the visitor acted. So, as soon as a visitor requests your rental on Vrbo, you’ll be able to observe how that guest performed and behaved in previous rentals. If a prior host leaves an unfavorable review, you’ll know not to approach that visitor.

Damage control operations

Another benefit is that it allows hosts to do damage control if required. If a visitor reviews your property negatively, you now have the opportunity to reduce the harm by reacting to the unfavorable comment. It enables you to demonstrate the efforts you plan or have done to resolve your guest’s worries.

Another strategy to mitigate the harm is to urge previous visitors to post evaluations, so that good former reviews may offset the unfavorable ones.

How to Write a Vrbo Guest Review

A positive guest review is critical for your company. The host may see past ratings when a visitor files a booking request and has been rated by prior owners.

1. Examine the request on the day of checkout

On checkout day, you will be prompted to evaluate your visitor on your host’s Vrbo account. If you do not complete it right away, you will get a reminder email three days later.

You may rank your visitor on a scale of one to five stars in four categories: overall experience, cleanliness, communication, and adherence to house rules. Only current visitors may be reviewed.

2. Timetable

You and your visitor have a year from the date of your stay to offer feedback. However, after one of you publishes your evaluation, the other side has 14 days to finish it. The evaluations are kept confidential for the next two weeks. The reviews are then published. After you’ve published your review, neither of you can change it.

3. Who reads the feedback?

Guests’ ratings are not public and may only be seen by hosts or property managers inside the website conversation with that individual guest. These reviews are available to the host even after the booking is completed.

Vrbo guest review policies

Vrbo has made it simple to write a guest review, and there are just a few rules you must follow as a host. You must follow the Vrbo content rules, and the system will automatically censor your review.

The whole procedure is meant to encourage guests and hosts to review their experiences honestly; for example, they can’t see each other’s evaluations before they go public. As previously stated, once published, the reviews cannot be altered.

You can no longer evaluate a visitor who has left a review, but you may comment on his or her review.

Putting together a guest review

As previously stated, on the day your visitors depart, you will get a card in your Vrbo feed requesting you to evaluate them. All you have to do is click on the Add your rating button.

You may utilize the Vrbo Review dashboard to add your review later. After you’ve decided on a property, go to Reviews and locate the visitor you’d want to rate. Please rate the visitor and save your rating.

Rate your visitor on a scale of 1 to 5 for each of the four categories. It is important to note that you cannot write anything, only rate. This is not like Airbnb, where you may leave a written review.

Writing a review from afar

Even planning a long-distance rental, you should still post guest evaluations on Vrbo. If you have a property manager, request feedback after your visitors have left. You may also request that they utilize an inventory checklist to confirm that everything is still in place and undamaged. Ask your neighbors whether the tenants were loud if you have a good connection with them.

Obtain more Vrbo guest reviews

As previously said, the more reviews you have, the better. Although Vrbo will urge your visitor to submit a review, nothing prevents you from explicitly asking your guest for a review – for example, in the checkout email or message.

If you want to submit the request straight from Vrbo, you may do so from the mailbox in the Vrbo navigation menu or the Vrbo Review page.

How to Improve Your Vrbo Reviews

You must be prepared to offer unfavorable reviews for every visitor for whom you have a glowing evaluation. They are sometimes fair, and sometimes not. So, what can you do to avoid bad feedback?

Clear communication

Having clear vacation rental property regulations can assist guarantee that your visitors know what to anticipate right away. The clearer your instructions are, the less likely there will be misunderstanding, disappointment, or dissatisfaction.

Always reply to visitors’ queries and surpass their communication expectations from the outset. The better people feel ‘looked after,’ the more likely they are to write a good evaluation.

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Create an unforgettable visitor experience.

Make sure your visitors have a great time in your rental by paying attention to all the tiny things that will make their stay memorable. Pay attention to their requirements, provide instructions for using every amenity in the rental, offer information about activities to do in the region, and follow up with them to ensure they have all they need. Above all, make certain that they can contact you at all times throughout their stay in case of queries or emergencies.

Show them you care by offering not just the necessities, such as coffee, tea, and cleaning supplies, but also thoughtful extras like as extra towels and pillows in each bedroom, a welcome basket with some local sweets and some new magazines, or great games to play on the terrace.

Prioritize guest reviews.

As you can see, posting a guest review is simple, and it is a good idea to get into the practice of leaving a review right immediately to encourage your visitors to do the same. This will increase your reservations, demonstrate your professionalism, and increase the exposure of your rental.

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