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Do You Need A Jones Act Lawyer For You?

The Jones act or maritime merchant act is the law that provides compensation to the people who get injured while working on vessels ( ships or boats). In such cases, you need specialized, experienced Jones act lawyers. They help the seamen to recover their damages. To avail of this benefit, the seaman must prove that the injury was due to the negligence of the ship’s captain, owner, or crew. 

Who is called a Seamen, and What are his Rights? 

A seaman is a person who has been employed on board a vessel in any field of work that helps the ship’s functioning. 

Suppose the person met the definition of seamen and got injured during employment. Then they are entitled to get the claim as per the Jones act. 

There are three fundamental rights of seamen, which are as follows:

  • Seamen have a right to receive maintenance and cure.
  • He has a right to an attorney when the cause of injury is negligence. 
  • And the right to sue the ship owner when the condition of the ship is not seaworthy. 

Let’s get the details about these three fundamental rights in-depth :

  • Maintenance cost refers to an employer paying the seamen as a living cost. This includes their food, transportation, and other essential expenses. 
  • Cure benefits cover all medical expenses, which include emergency treatment, surgery, medical bills, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. 
  • Negligence of employers means injuries occurred due to a negligent employer. This includes a lack of trained crew members, fewer members employed, fewer safety rails used, lack of elevators, or any crew member assault. 
  • Unseaworthiness means that the vessel is not properly maintained. It’s not fit to be on the sea. It is not safe and secure as per the sea atmosphere. Ship owners must provide a safe workplace to seamen. You will get compensation beyond maintenance and cure if this is the reason. 

Reasons When Seamen Don’t Get Benefits Under The Jones Act

Some maritime employees who get injured on the ship still don’t get compensation because:

  • A seamen’s injury doesn’t happen at work. 
  • It’s the seamen’s fault that they got injured. 
  • A seaman is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 
  • They lied about their medical history. 
  • The worker is not covered under the Jones act. 

Hire Jones Act Lawyers For Your Maritime Injury

It is vital to hire a Jones act attorney familiar with maritime laws. Jones act lawyers are skilled professional lawyers who help seamen get their compensation under the Jones act. 

  • An expert is always required when you are filing a claim. Jones act lawyers help you determine your eligibility for filing a claim. 
  • He will look for the loopholes of your employers, which makes the claim clearance easy. 
  • An experienced lawyer gets the details of your injury and collects all the proofs to get the compensation fastly. 
  • A hardworking lawyer with good negotiation skills always helps you to get a settlement sooner. 

These are reasons why one should always hire a lawyer. Jones act lawyers make the complex claim process easy. These experienced attorneys help injured workers to recover fully without the burden of claim processing. 

Final Verdict 

Jones act attorneys can be called the fighters for the injured maritime workers. Maritime lawyers specialize in such cases and help you get what you deserve. They understand that your job is dangerous and life-threatening. They provide you with the best legal remedies, which get your compensation easily and quickly. 

The Jones Act and Seaman Injury claims can be difficult to file and even more challenging to win. Without the backing of a knowledgeable and experienced maritime attorney, many seamen will not be able to get the total compensation they are entitled to. Contact a qualified maritime attorney if you or a loved one have been injured while working on a vessel.

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