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Few Important Benefits Of KEAP Data Connector

Do you need to convert older data formats or create new documents? Or maybe you just want to compare file sizes of files and folders with different extensions? KEAP is here to help! The KEAP Data Connector is a free plugin for Microsoft Office that enables users across different platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS devices. It is a plugin that provides functionality that helps users manage, convert and compare data in the best way possible.

With this information in mind, you can see that if your business or organization has a varied clientele, it will be a good idea to access tools like KEAP Data Connector. Most businesses need multiple communication platforms, but not everyone will have the same file extensions.

Convert Excel Files.

You can convert files without losing any data if you work with different platforms, whether it is Mac, PC, Android and iOS devices. The KEAP Data Connector also allows users to convert data from older versions of Microsoft Office to the current version. Users who have files in .xls format find this tool useful.

Import, Export, and Merge Files

If you have folders with files of different types, you can use the KEAP Data Connector to merge all the data into one folder. This is an excellent feature for business or organization owners who want to keep their data organized. You can choose which files will be merged, and with every file that gets converted, KEAP provides backup options so users can restore easily if a mistake occurs.

Open and Convert XLSX Files

You want your employees to stay organized if you are a business owner. The KEAP Data Connector takes only a few steps to convert Excel files from .xlsx format to .xls. The software is excellent for merging several files into one when using different platforms or devices. For example, if your business uses different types of convenience stores and coffee shops, this tool is indispensable.

Create Folders and Files

This is an excellent feature of the KEAP Data Connector that allows the software to create a folder for every type of data it creates. The program enables users to make folders without having to type in a long name each time ease. The program can also convert files, so if you have Excel files in .xls format, you can get them converted easily.

Copy and Merging Files

Sometimes, users just want to make changes to a single file. With the KEAP Data Connector, users can merge or copy files from one folder to another. When merging several files into one, you have the option of keeping or deleting any of the files that you do not want in your new file.

Comparing Files

If you are trying to figure out which of your documents are larger or smaller than the rest, you can use this free plugin for Microsoft Office. Simply compare the size of two files, and the software will present a graph detailing the differences between the two files.

Microsoft Office Compatibility

The KEAP Data Connector is compatible with Microsoft Office 2013, Office 2010 and Office 2007. You can download older versions to use this program if you are still using other versions of Microsoft Office.

Supports Documents in Different Formats

This software can also support digital documents in different formats, including XLSX, XLSB and ODS documents. The program is compatible with Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook.

Open Files from Folders

Users can open files from folders, either in the form of .xls or .xlsx files. If you need to open documents that are not in your account, you can search for them online and download them directly through KEAP Data Connector to open.

Data Formatting

If you want to copy data from one Excel file to another, you can use the KEAP Data Connector. The software will allow users to choose the formatting they need in their spreadsheets, such as size, font style, etc.

Quick Installation

The KEAP Data Connector is a quick plugin for Microsoft Office with easy setup procedures. You can install it on your desktop computer or laptop from their official website in a few minutes without hassle.

Powerful Features

The software is powerful, as it offers multiple features that range from importing, exporting and merging files to compare the file sizes of different Excel sheets.

Support for New and Older Versions

Users can install the KEAP Data Connector on their devices running Mac OS X 10.6 or later versions, as well as Windows 7 and 8 versions with 32-bit or 64-bit processors.


Given that the software is free, it has many great features. If you are new to data management, the KEAP Data Connector is the perfect program.

You can see that KEAP Data Connector is an excellent tool for managing and organizing data on different platforms and devices. The program has a light feature set compared to similar tools, but it allows users to easily make all of their orders. The program is similar in size to iOpenShelf, another great tool for Microsoft Office users.

Users who want to use the software will find that the KEAP Data Connector is a tool that allows them to convert data between different formats without losing any data. It can also create folders and files without any hassle.

Ease of Use

The KEAP Data Connector is very easy to use. You can create folders of files easily, and all you need to do is to download the free program from their website or visit the official page on LinkedIn. Once you install it on your device, you can start immediately.

Easy to Access

There are no limits on how many files users can have in their folders as long as they have a few GB of space and available disk space of at least 1GB. You can also access your files worldwide and share them with other users.

Support for Users

The KEAP Data Connector has a great support team and an office team that can answer user issues with the program. You can contact the support team through their website, email or phone 24/7.

Affordable Price

With the KEAP Data Connector, you have several pricing options. You can either purchase the program for $69.95 within a month or subscribe to their software with a monthly or annual subscription. The subscription is affordable, as it costs $17.95 or $99.95 per month, depending on your needs, which is the most affordable available yet with other free products.

Even though some programs with similar features to the KEAP Data Connector are available for free and charge a minimal fee, this software is still as powerful, if not more, than moderately priced. The program uses less storage space on your desktop or laptop computer, is user-friendly and can be used by newbie and professional users.


Overall, it could be considered an affordable and free alternative to other tools that are available in the market. The KEAP Data Connector is a powerful tool that allows users to easily get their hands on data. You can create folders on your computer and share files with other users.

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