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How To Make Dental Procedures Atraumatic Using Periotomes?

Dental experts need specialized instruments for extraction procedures. Periotomes are useful tools for removing the tooth efficiently. Further, the tool makes complex surgeries effective and safe. Likewise, it allows dentists to remove the tooth with minimum damage.

the structure of the periotome consist of a sharp tip. The blade design of the veterinary product is available in several variations. Also, the shank has both contra-angled and straight variations. The contra-angled type is useful for the posterior teeth. On the other side, the periotome handle has serrations that provide a firm hold during operations. Moreover, the ends of the product are useful in the circumferential pattern.

Major Categories Of Periotome Instrument:

A periotome is an important tool for teeth removal. It is less traumatic than other dental surgical instruments. In addition, a straight blade periotome is helpful in making a separation in periodontal ligaments. On the flip side, the tool’s angled or curved shape is suitable enough to make spaces in ligaments.

Further, the selection of the tool’s shape depends on the surgery. Let’s look at the major types of instruments below:

●     GerMed Periotome:

GerMed Periotome is used by veterinarians in small animal tooth extraction procedures.  It is ideal to cut the periodontal ligament for atraumatic practices. Furthermore, the instrument has an ergonomic handle that allows for an error-free invasive procedure. Moreover, the tool’s tip is sharp enough to cut the periodontal ligament. It contributes to the safety and durability of oral surgical procedures. In addition, other variations of the tool are available to meet the needs of dentists.

Major Categories Of Periotome Instrument

●     Gflex (Tome) Titanium Coated Micro Serrated Periotome:

Gflex (tome) periotome is suitable for making swift and easy extractions. It helps to cut the periodontal ligament during veterinary dental procedures. Furthermore, the tool’s blade has micro-serrations that insert into the alveolar bone. The unique design of the product makes the feasible incision. As a result, the teeth will be loose from the gums with less damage to the surrounding structure. There are multiple sizes and designs to fulfil the requirements of surgeons.

●      Gflex Periotome Titanium Coated Micro Serrated:

The Gflex periotome with titanium coating has a single working end. Dentists use it to sever the periodontal ligament from the teeth’ roots. In addition, the tool has micro-serrations on the tip ideal for cutting. However, it is better to use the instrument with precautions. Prevent deep insertion, as it can damage the alveolar bone. Moreover, it has a small blade on the working end that is not movable when applying pressure.

●     Double-Ended Titanium Coated Serrated Periotome:

A double-ended periotome with a titanium coating is ideal for removing teeth with minimal damage. The tool has a serrated blade that aids in the cutting of the periodontal ligament. Also, it consists of an extra blade, which improves its performance significantly. For the convenience of dentists, the tool is available in a variety of designs and sizes.

Periotome Safety:

It is necessary to be careful when using the periotome. The product can easily break by applying excessive force to the roots. Apart from that, it is German forged, which means more durability and high efficiency. Dentists highly prefer using modern oral tools for atraumatic surgeries. Using periotome instruments makes extraction easier and aids in post-operative health.

Comparison Of Periotomes And Elevators:

Comparison Of Periotomes And Elevators

Periotomes and elevators do not have a similar appearance. Dentists use elevators in prying motion. As it wears out and tears the periodontal ligament by leverage force. This is more damaging to the tooth’s socket. Periotomes consists of slender tip and tapering blade.

Therefore, less force can easily break the ligament. In the case of tooth extraction, applying more pressure is harmful to gums or surrounding structures. So, periotome instruments provide less traumatic procedures than surgical elevators.

To Wrap Things Up:

periotomes are important dental instruments for small animal tooth extraction surgeries. Tooth extraction is challenging and time taking process. Therefore, dentists need a variety of dental tools to complete the dental process. It is necessary to take care of each step in extraction as minor disruption can lead to major complications. Moreover, the periotome needs less force to cut the ligament. That’s why it makes the process less traumatic.

Dentists need the right dental instruments for easier operations. So, the veterinary product is available in several variations for users’ comfort. In this way, they perform efficient surgery in less time.

Vet and Tech have a variety of unique and specific dental instruments. They include unique periotomes with lots of variations. Likewise, the platform offers customized tools. This eases the users who struggle to find suitable instruments to work with. So explore their unique instruments and get the right one!


What Is The Difference Between Elevators And Periotome?

Elevators and periotomes vary in appearance.  Periotome’s sharp tips cut the ligament quickly and with less force. On the other hand, elevators necessitate greater leverage forces, which increases the likelihood of damage to nearby structures.

Do Periotome Instruments suitable for Longer Duration?

Periotome is a solidly built instrument with stainless steel. As a result, environmental changes do not affect its surface. That is why it is rustproof and long-lasting.

What Are The Main Features Of Periotome?

A periotome has a sharp tapering blade suitable for cutting the ligament. This double-ended tool is lightweight and easy to use.

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