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Best 5 PC Cleaner Software’s for Windows In 2022 

A PC cleaner will safely clean up a substantial number of files. Not only will your PC run faster, but you’ll have more space to work with on your hard drive and less CPU usage. In addition, you’ll have fewer troublesome files to remove, meaning you’ll have more space for important files. There are many things that can result in troubles with your PC. But unlike support from Cox cable plans or other service providers, you don’t get that type of support with PCs. That’s where PC cleaners can help you.  

There are many reasons why PC Cleaner software might be the best option for your computer. First of all, it removes all the invasive tracker and cookie files from your hard drive. Another reason for using this software is to protect your privacy. It’s important to use one of the most efficient programs possible, but if you’re unsure which program to choose, you can always use a free PC cleaner.  

Here are some of the Best PC cleaner’s software for Windows: 

Wise Care 365 

If you are looking for a good PC cleaner, you should check out Wise Care 365. It’s an all-in-one solution for PC optimization. It cleans up your files, removes unnecessary files, and repairs your PC’s registry. It also optimizes startup speed and security and protects your privacy. It has over 200 million users worldwide.  

The Wise Care 365 pro version of this software contains a comprehensive PC cleaner tool that frees up valuable space. It can clean up your temporary files, browser caches, invalid shortcuts, and broken registry entries. You can scan the entire system and clean up files with specific extensions. It can also defragment your hard drive and manage your startup process. 

Wise Care 365 can be set to auto-clean your PC at predetermined intervals. It can also run in silent mode to prevent unwanted changes in settings. Another great feature of Wise Care 365 is its real-time monitoring of your PC’s health. Aside from cleaning your system, Wise Care 365 supports RAM optimization and password protection. It also includes a password generator, allowing you to generate strong passwords and keep your personal information safe. 


FixmyPC is a free PC cleaning software that improves page loading speed, fixes obscure Internet settings, and clears your disk space. It also patches security holes and eliminates bloatware. Its easy-to-use interface makes PC optimization a breeze. The free version does not provide comprehensive scanning reports, and advanced features such as a registry cleaner require an upgrade. 

FixmyPC is a powerful tool that solves your PC’s performance problems, including those caused by malware and outdated hardware. It also disables background apps, improves resource allocation, and speeds up your computer’s startup. The free version of the tool also comes with a full-service plan that gives you tools for PC maintenance. 

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 25 is an upgraded version of the company’s popular system cleaner software. This updated version offers more powerful cleaning tools and can clean Windows updates and versions up to 75% faster. Its clean-up tools are much more thorough and can remove stray files and caches.  

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a highly rated Windows optimizer. The software offers deep scans and customizable settings to help make your computer faster and more responsive. It includes disk space, a memory optimization module, and a file recovery tool. The software also manages power schemes and user rights and performs routine maintenance tasks.  


Another of the best PC cleaner software for Windows is Fix-It. It is compatible with XP, Vista, and 10. It also has preset profiles that make optimization easy and secure. It helps to delete broken registry links and clean sensitive data on your PC. Aside from these great features, Fix-It Utilities Pro is also a helpful tool for optimizing your PC. 

With a comprehensive set of optimizing tools, this software is easy to use and highly effective. The software will identify outdated drivers and optimize your PC for maximum gaming performance. It also offers a driver update utility and smart uninstaller.   

Advanced System Care 

Advanced System Care is another useful Windows PC cleaner software. It comes with several tools to clean cache, remove junk files, and scan your PC for viruses and malware.  

Advanced System Care also offers a battery protector and game performance optimizer. This PC cleaner software also helps you to get rid of outdated hardware drivers. As it is a free download, it is worth checking out. It has six features to improve your computer’s performance: Turbo boost, hardware accelerator, real-time tune-up, app/toolbar cleaner, and more optimization tools. 

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