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How do I Get a Transit Visa for a Azerbaijan?

A Transit visa to visit Azerbaijan is the type of visa which is issued to foreigners or travelers who are going to another country via connecting flight from the Republic of Azerbaijan. If you are traveling to another country from Azerbaijan and want to visit the country on your way then you may need to apply for this kind of Azerbaijan visa. 

The transit visa for Azerbaijan is valid for one month. This is the validity duration of the visa but you must know that you would be allowed to stay in the country for only five days at max. If you want to prolong your stay then you need to contact the embassy and pay an additional fee. Now let us discuss the required documents for the Transit visa.

Documents you need to get Transit Azerbaijan Visa ASAN

Getting a visa is not as easy as it sounds. Even when applying for an electronic visa, you need to show some documents. We have listed a few below for your knowledge:

  1. First, you need to get the asan e visa application form. You can get it online or you can also get it from the embassy before you board the transit flight. 
  2. You have to fill out the application form and attach a copy of your passport with it. To get the transit visa for Azerbaijan you need to make sure that the passport has a validity of more than 120 days. The validity time would be counted from the day you arrive in Baku.
  3. You also have to attach two recent photos. The photo should be colored with a light background.
  4. To get the transit Azerbaijan visa you also have to show a copy of the visa issued by the destination country. This is an important document without which you cannot get the visa.
  5. You also need to carry a COVID-19. If you are not vaccinated then you would have to show your COVID-19 negative test results.
  6. Lastly, you have to pay the transit visa fee in advance. This fee is non-refundable.

About Azerbaijan Visa Transit

Azerbaijan is a very famous country when it comes to tourism. Baku is a very famous place for tourists. You can find both a blend of modernism and historic places in this city. If you have a connecting flight from Azerbaijan then you need to apply for a transit visa. If you are planning a trip in advance then you can also apply for the Azerbaijan travel visa. If you have not applied before then you can easily get the transit visa online by CSA Transportation.

You can apply online for the transit Azerbaijan visa or you can also get this visa from the airport. Just make sure you are having all the required documents that we have discussed above. To get more information about the transit visa you can contact the embassy or you can also consult official websites!

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