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6 Best Herbs for Diabetes Management

We have always relied upon herbs, no matter what. Even if it’s about high blood pressure, high sugar level, or hormonal imbalance. Herbs remained there for us. The reason is we are pretty sure about the efficacy of these herbs and it sounds like a way more convenient option for the treatment of a variety of different ailments.

Further, we are quite convinced that there is almost little or no side effect of these botanical herbs. This is one of the easiest solutions we have to deal with whatever is bothering you. I remember when my mother was diagnosed with diabetes she started having an herbal drinks on an empty stomach. This even showed improvement in her glucose level test result as indicated by the OGTT price. 

This is a very economical test for the detection of blood sugar levels in the body. Even OGTT test prices in Pakistan are very reasonable making it an easy measure for the early detection of diabetes. Once detected with the condition, we know there are many treatment options we come across. Herbs surely remain our favorite. 

Some Best Herbs for Diabetes

Are you also hunting for some diabetes herbs? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here are some of the best picks that can help you to control and manage your diabetes pretty well.

1- Cinnamon 

We are already aware of cinnamon as a spice. Right?

But do you know that using cinnamon can even help you manage your blood glucose levels very effectively? This is because of the many active ingredients that are present in it. Consuming cinnamon can help to improve the glucose metabolism in your body alongside increasing the insulin sensitivity in your body which are the most common challenges with diabetes.

Cinnamon water can be a good addition to your everyday routine. Other than this, you can also add a pinch of cinnamon powder after every meal as it also helps with digestion.


Just like cinnamon, fenugreek is next on the list of herbs for diabetes. Yes, this is the same fenugreek that we use to promote reproductive and hair health

This herb is also good for the management of diabetes and we have enough scientific evidence on this. This works by improving the level of insulin in your body that controls blood sugar levels effectively. Other than this use of fenugreek is also good for the reduction in cholesterol levels. 

You can consume raw fenugreek seeds early in the morning alongside a few kalonji seeds. You can even make its powder or prepare fenugreek seed tea to consume after every meal.

3- Oregano

The same oregano we use in our routine enhances the taste of your cuisine. This is also a potent herb for controlling blood sugar levels. 

This also works in two ways. It enhances the level of insulin your body is producing, making glucose metabolism effective. Other than this, oregano can also help to control the sugar craving thus reducing your sugar craving. In both ways, oregano is a good solution if you want to control your blood sugar level naturally.

4- Ginger

Ginger tea is normal, especially if you are from a Southasian country. 

But do you know that the garlic that completes and enriches the flavor of our meals has a significant impact on controlling your blood sugar level?

Ginger tea was my mother’s favorite among all herbs she used to control her glucose level. However, be mindful that she never discontinued her treatment with the best diabetes doctor in Lahore and this even improved her treatment output.

5- Aloe Vera

The same aloe vera we use for a dewy glow and thick luscious hair strands can be quite helpful in dealing with the increased blood sugar levels. This works on the inflammation in your body that is greatly associated with the inflammation in your body. It works by improving the insulin sensitivity in your body thus helping you control your blood sugar levels naturally. 

You can drink it as aloe vera juice or even in some regions aloe vera curry is a popular fish.

6- Ginseng

This is next on the list of popular herbs for the treatment of diabetes. Ginseng is known for its immune-boosting properties alongside its role in diabetes management. This anti-diabetic compound can help to control your sugar by limiting the absorption of dietary carbs in your body. It also helps to boost the production of insulin in your body which is crucial for the glucose metabolism in your body.

Bottom Line!

All these herbs are quite helpful for treating diabetes effectively. However, be mindful not to leave your treatment plan behind and to keep an eye on the side effects. Further, always talk to your physician before using these herbs for the treatment of diabetes.

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